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“Time Brokers saved me $792 for the year on my home phone, cable and internet services. Then they blew me away by taking it a step further and saved me $4,008 for the year on my corporate account as well. They are amazing to deal with and the savings were beyond my expectations!

~Doug M. Owner, Pier Mac

“I spent 5 minutes on the phone with Time Brokers and they saved me $803! Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

~ Barb R.

“Time Brokers is extremely easy to work with; it only took a few minutes of my time and now my business is saving over $100 per month! It was an enormous relief not to have to wait on hold or navigate the automated phone menus. They took care of everything so I could get back to work! Thank you very much Time Brokers!”

~ Dustin E.

Time Brokers made saving money simple and hassle-free. My home Internet and phone bill was slashed by 50%! I highly recommend giving Time Brokers a try. If they can’t find savings, you don’t pay, so there is no risk. Thanks for all you do!”

~ Tommi H.

“I used Time Brokers and saved over $200 dollars – just on my Internet! I was apprehensive that the process might require a lot of my time. In reality, it only took me a few minutes, including registration. I’d say a few minutes to keep a couple hundred dollars of my own money, is the best deal going! There’s no risk to try it and I encourage everyone to do so!”

~ Matthew J.

“I saved $201.60 on my cable bill, thanks to Time Brokers! Do yourself a favour and start saving too!”

~ Sandy M.

“Since I only have one service, I didn’t expect that Time Brokers could do much for me. I was shocked and impressed that they were able to save me over 50% per month! The process was quick and so easy, only 5 minutes of my time and within a day I was saving money. I’ve already told many of my friends about this great service.”

~ Glen C.

“We were very impressed at how easy it was to work with Time Brokers, from the ease of setting up appointments and the structure of your website. I really loved the value we received from your services, and will definitely recommend friends. Thanks for saving us money!”

~ Rylan H.

“A huge shout out to Time Brokers! Spent 5 minutes (actually less) with Michael Lavigne on the phone, and a few hours later he’d successfully negotiated $30/month in savings for us on our Cable/Internet/Phone package.

For anyone looking to save some money but don’t have the time (or the ability – I am a horrible negotiator) to play the game with your service providers, I highly recommend Time Brokers! They don’t charge anything unless they save you money, so there’s no risk but BIG reward!

~ Michelle K.

“I have tears in my eyes – I want to thank Time Brokers so very much for the money that you have saved me on my cable bill!”

~ Sheryl Ann W.

“What a great way to save money and Time Brokers does all the work. To an old age pensioner, every dollar counts. I prefer to have those dollars in my pocket than in those of my cable, landline and internet server. I will be telling all my friends about this, for sure.”

~ Rene J.

“Negotiating my bill is something I could do myself, but months have gone by and I’ve never gotten around to it. Time Brokers is the perfect service for busy people like me; it only took 2 minutes out of my life to register and they took care of the rest. A time and money saving offer that pays for itself!”

~ Alan L.

“Time Brokers saved me $87 per month on my cable and internet services!! The best part is, if they don’t negotiate a better deal, there is no fee. No brainer, right!?”

~ Laura D.

“I used this service for my home internet and cable. Time Brokers was able to reduce my monthly fee waaaay more than I ever could. No muss, no fuss!”

~ Janine P.

“How refreshing it is to know that there is someone who is gifted in communication and negotiation who will go to bat for you against the well-trained sales and customer service reps. Time Brokers are the beginning of a revolution that helps the little guy to be heard. I give them all of my kudos and support. Thanks a bunch Team!”

~ Lyudmila K.

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