What is Time Brokers?

We reduce your monthly bills by negotiating a discount with your provider. We evaluate your account, ensuring you’re on the right plan, only pay for the products you need and get you any available promotions or credits.

What services do you evaluate and negotiate?

We are happy to review any of the following services:

  • Internet
  • Cable TV
  • Satellite TV
  • Landline
  • Cell Phone

More coming soon! We’ll let you know when launch a new service so you don’t miss out on any savings.

How much can you save me?

It’s different for every client; savings are impacted by a number of factors, such as what services you have, how long you’ve been with your provider and what discounts you qualify for. Our clients are saving an average $55 per month.

What if you don’t save me money?

You pay nothing. It happens, not everyone is overpaying – you might have the best deal out there; but at least now you know for sure.

Couldn’t I just negotiate my own account?

You bet, and we encourage you to do so! Our service is for people who don’t know enough about the industry, don’t have enough time, or simply aren’t comfortable negotiating.

We know how to navigate the phone prompts, who to talk to, what the rates are and any discounts that you might qualify for; let us do all the research and you can do pretty much anything else with your time!

How do I receive the money you save me?

All amounts are reflected on your bill from your service provider, effective the date we negotiate the savings for you.

Are you affiliated with any of the service providers you deal with?

No, we work for you! We are completely independent from your service providers.

Why should I sign up?
  • There is no risk to you, we guarantee savings or you don’t pay! Since our earnings are tied to how much you save; we’re motivated to find the most savings possible.
  • Peace of mind; how do you know you’re not overpaying unless you find out?
  • You don’t have to wait on hold ever again. Let us know what you need, and we’ll take care of it – no more waiting on the dreaded hold and listening to elevator music! We love elevator music, can’t get enough!
  • We’re good at this stuff! We know who to talk to and what to say, and quite frankly – we enjoy helping people save money.
Do you have any reviews or testimonials?

Absolutely, check out Time Brokers reviews.

Can I cancel my Time Brokers account?

Yes, just let us know and we’ll close your Time Brokers account and you can remove us as an authorized user with your provider.

I own a business, can you help me?

Absolutely! Sign up under your business name.

Do you pay for referrals?

Yes, we pay cash for referrals. Be a hero and help your friends and family save money now!

What’s the catch?

There is none! You pay less, or you don’t pay at all. Guaranteed


How does it work?

Our process is simple and easy!

  • Step one: Register
  • Step two: Once you’ve registered you’ll be prompted to schedule a call with us. We have a few important details to go over, including learning more about your needs so we can better serve you.
  • Step three: Add us as an authorized user account, so we can evaluate and negotiate a discount on your behalf.
  • Step four: We’ll send you an email with the results of how much money you’re saving, that’s it!
How do I make you an authorized user on my account?

We’ll call your service provider and have them access your account. Next, we call you and patch you into the call. The service provider will confirm your identity and ask for your verbal approval to add us to your account. That’s it! As soon as you’ve confirmed, you’re all done – we take care of the rest.

How much of a time investment is it for me?

From start to savings, our average client spends approximately 10 minutes of their time.

How soon will I start saving money?

Once you add us as an authorized user on your account, we usually have everything done within 24 hours.

Do I continue paying my provider or do I start paying you instead?

Nothing changes with your billing process, you continue paying your provider.

How do I pay you?

Our preferred method of payment is E-Transfer. We also accept PayPal or cheques.

Do I have to sign a contract with you?

No! All we need from you is to agree with our Terms & Conditions. You can cancel your Time Brokers account at any time.

I have an outstanding balance with my provider, can I still sign up?

Yes you can still sign up, an outstanding balance with your provider doesn’t affect our process. However, if the account is delinquent and in serious arrears, that can drastically affect our leverage and negotiating power. We recommend you catch up on any outstanding balances before we can get started.

Will you change anything on my account without my approval?

Absolutely not! We won’t make any changes to your account until we contact you with our recommendation and you authorize the change.

Do I have to change service providers?

NO! And you really shouldn’t – that’s not a valuable use of your time. Our goal is to keep you with your existing provider, just help you pay less for the services you need. However, should it be more economical for you to change providers, we’ll give our recommendations and seek approval. Ultimately it’s up to you how you’d like to continue – we’ll provide the options.

Do I have to sign another contract with my service provider?

No, in general, we recommend you don’t sign a contract – that’s where you lose leverage. However, should it be more economical for you to either sign or extend an existing contract; we’ll give our recommendations and seek approval. Ultimately it’s up to you how you’d like to continue – we’ll provide the options.

What happens after my discount ends?

We’ll negotiate another one for you! We will contact you shortly before your discount expires with more details. We’ve got you covered; you don’t have to remember any dates or follow up – just wait until you hear from us. And just like the first negotiations, we only get paid if we save you money; our share is 1/3 of the total savings we negotiate for you.


How much does this cost?

There is no charge to sign up and have your account evaluated. Since we share your savings with you, charges will only apply if we save you money, so there is no risk.

If we successfully save you money, we share the first year of those savings with you; our portion is 1/3 of the total amount we save you. After one year, you keep all of it.

Example #1: We save you $50 per month for 12 months, the total savings is $600; our invoice is $200.

Example #2: We save you $50 per month for 24 months, the total savings is $1,200; our invoice is $200.

Are there any hidden fees?

No! There are no fees to receive a free account evaluation. If we don’t save you money, you don’t pay.

What are your payment options?

We offer two payment plans:

  • Paid in full – You pay 1/3 of the savings we negotiated for you.
  • Paid in installments – You pay 1/2 of the savings we negotiated for you, divided into 6 equal monthly payments.
Can I pay in installments?

Absolutely, we offer 6 equal monthly installments for your convenience. Should you choose an installment plan, our share increases to 1/2 of the total amount we negotiate. (For example, if we save you $50 per month for 6 months, the total savings is $300; our charge is $25 per month for 6 months, total of $150)

When do I have to pay you?

You only pay if we’ve saved you money. We’ll send you an email concerning our billing, including all the instructions you’ll need.

Is this a one-time payment or ongoing?

Our share only applies to the first year savings and is a one-time payment (unless you choose to pay in installments) However, if we re-negotiate your account down the road – after the first set of discounts expire, our share will apply to the new savings. Every time we negotiate your account, our share applies, but only to savings within the next 12 months; should we negotiate a 3 year or lifetime savings for you, we only share the first year of those savings with you.


Why do you need to be an authorized user on my account?

We need authorization so we can evaluate your account and negotiate with your service provider on your behalf. Without authorization, we can’t even talk to your service provider for security reasons. Don’t worry, we won’t change anything without your approval, and you can remove us at any time.

Is my financial information secure?

Absolutely, we don’t even review any of your financial information – since it plays no role in our services.

Do you share my personal information?

Absolutely not! We don’t share any of your information with anyone. Also, we don’t access any of your financial information – we don’t need it and it’s none of our business. Building trust and security are a top priority for us!

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